A few years ago, Casting Crowns wrote a song called Slow Fade cautioning against compromising in the small areas of your life, which ultimately leads to greater compromises. I appreciate the lyric “People never crumble in a day, it’s a slow fade.” People have such a propensity to fade overtime. Anyone can stay committed for a day or a week just on sheer grit alone. But then after that, we start to see the fading begin. Exercise programs, financial budgets, and our devotional time with the Lord are all caught in the crosshairs of the slow fade.

     One definition of fading puts it this way: to “gradually grow faint and disappear.” What are those important areas of your life that have begun to fade? The best way to determine what has begun to fade is by comparing it to what it used to look like. For example, my son left one of his galoshes outside for a while. For reasons known only to a three year old, the other matching pair managed to make it back inside our house. The boot that was left outside quickly began to fade because of the sunlight. When I put the two back together, side-by-side, the difference between the two was stark.

     Has your closeness and intimacy with God faded? Is your spouse still your best friend? Is there still joy in your life? Try to compare things in your mind's eye to determine if some fading has occured. Unlike red galoshes, God often can restore those areas in your life that have faded. Let today be the day that the fading stops and the restoration begins.