Good storytelling requires an economy of words

We are all storytellers. Just for fun, start paying attention to how often you share stories throughout the day. Notice how you use stories to help carry the conversation along:

“Boy, I’m tired today.”
“Me too, my kids woke up way to early today. It was still dark outside when they got up, so we… (and off you go with the story).”

Storytelling is a part of our life. With that being said, I wanted to offer a nugget of truth in this area: good storytelling requires an economy of words. Great storytellers make sure they use just enough words to paint the picture but not too many and risk losing the attention of the audience. Have you ever met someone that felt it was necessary to give every detail in their stories? It’s painful to listen. You have to fight to stay interested. Instead, choose the type of words that eliminate sentences. Choose words that paint depth without compromising the structure. And choose words that lasso your audience, a melding of the minds.