2015 SBC Annual Meeting

Am I strange for wanting to go to the SBC annual conference? A lot of people just don’t see the point in attending, even if their schedules allowed. There is usually very little representation of the 46,000 SBC churches. Here is what it has looked like over the past few years:
2010 Orlando           11,070
2011 Phoenix             4,814
2012 New Orleans    7,814
2013 Houston           5,103
2014 Baltimore        5,294
2015 Columbus        5,406

Maybe I am a little strange for wanting to go, but this past year in Columbus was amazing. Tuesday night was a special three hour prayer service, which was spirit-filled and powerful. And Wednesday morning was a creative mission emphasis and commissioning service. I’m so glad I was able to attend this year. It has left a deep impression on me. Anyone going to St. Louis next year?