The yarn will lead us to the answer

Maybe you have seen a movie or TV show about a FBI agent trying desperately to catch a serial criminal. There is always the proverbial city map pinned to a cork board - overlaid with a network of red yarn and thumbtacks. Each thumbtack is precisely placed on the location of a previous crime. The FBI agent is trying to “find a pattern.” Throw in some overly witty dialogue and a never before seen plot twist, and the result is a decent movie or TV show… hopefully.

But do you ever feel like the events in your life mirror that city map and red yarn? You might find yourself looking for clues to a pattern. Maybe there is suffering in your life that you think you can trace back to some point of origin. Maybe you think that you can predict the future by pinpointing all of your past mistakes.

Your life and mine is more unpredictable than a Hollywood script. Ground yourself in God’s Word. Hang on to Jesus through the storms. Savor the sweet moments. And stop trying to figure it all out!