Over the next couple of weeks, high school seniors from all over are graduating. A large majority of those senior are quick to tell you that they are not sure what they are going to do “when they grow up.” I understand that notion of uncertainty. However, I would like to say to our graduates: It’s OK to be uncertain of what to do after graduating high school, but it is not OK to have no idea of your strengths after high school. With so many resources out there that help examine your strengths and weaknesses, no one has an excuse. Every graduating senior should come out of high school and clearly be able to identify, at least on a basic level, the way they are wired. Eighteen years is plenty of time to be able to say, “Here are some areas of strong suit” or “This area completely drains me.” Finding the right career starts with hearing the voice of God, recognizing your strengths, and recognizing what you are passionate about.