Have you noticed that people join together in community? When you look at a population map of the US, you do not find an even dispersing of people throughout the country. Instead you find over 30,000 cities and town where people gravitate toward one another. The reason for this is simple – we need each other. Very few people are living by themselves in a remote cabin in the woods. Sure, people live in close proximity to each other because of shared resources, such as employment and hospitals. However, one of the strongest reasons we find communities is because of relationships. There is an intrinsic drive to relate to others… to belong.

Even within our circle of friends, we have a smaller circle of friends. This was true for Jesus and it is true for us. We realized this in elementary school when we kept wanting to hang out with the same people every day. There again is this natural desire for intimacy that can only be realized with our “best friends.” This Valentine’s Day, as we think more about the relationships around us, spend time in prayer thanking God for the best friends in your life. Whether that best friend is your spouse or someone you sit next to at school, tell God how grateful you are that you have someone with whom you can enjoy the up’s and down’s of life.