Breaking Sinful Habits


     I have been outlining some material on the subject “breaking sinful habits” for several years. I have spoken on the topic to various groups in the past, but I am now at a point that the material has been refined and needs to be shared. This has brought me to a crossroads of sorts. Should I self-publish or try to get published the traditional way? The traditional way involves getting an agent that can submit your outline and sample chapters to a publisher. Self-publishing is much easier. I am not sure which route would be best for distribution. I don’t have a big following, so I could print several copies myself and practically give them away at cost. It has never been about the money; it’s about the message that needs to be heard (Not to mention I would only make pennies on the dollar for a first book deal). However, a publisher might be willing to take a bigger chance and distribute in greater volume. Which route should I persue?