Put On, Put In, Keep In, and Work Out

When it comes to a healthy body, there are four things that are essential: greatly eliminating toxin exposure, nutrition, stress management, and exercise. I’ve come up with an easier way of describing this interaction with our environment. It comes down to what you: put on (toxin exposure), put in (nutrition), keep in (bottling up stress), and work out (exercise). Doing all four well is a lifestyle, not a temporary six-week rally.

Perhaps what you “keep in” is the most unassuming factor. However, it’s equally as important. Just like you cannot eat well for one day and expect to lose thirty pounds of excess weight; you also cannot “destress” well for one day and expect that to carry you from that day forward. It must be a daily lifestyle of not bottling up stress.

Again, all four must be operating at maximum effort daily. And for this reason, people will always struggle because that involves discipline and motivation. People are often motived by money, sex, and power. But few are disciplined and motivated about physical health. They might say they are, but we only need to look at the statistics of most people to see what they truly desire. Let’s change that today. Let’s get better about what we: put on, put in, keep in, and work out.

The Speed of God

Doing life at the speed of God is so hard. I mean… really, it’s hard. We sometimes go too fast and get ahead of Him. We sometimes go too slow and get behind. Doing things in God’s timing takes both discipline and patience. I personally need to be more disciplined in the area of reading because I know God wants to teach me a lot more. I need to speed up in that area. I also always need to be patient and wait for God to “make it grow.” In whatever area of your life needs to throttle up or throttle down – Godspeed.

Take Heart

Church family,
As we continue this Sunday in our current sermon series “Breaking Sinful Habits,” I want you to know I’m praying earnestly for you. I warned you it was going to get “messy” when we started this series. I warned that the enemy was not going to sit back and watch idly. This series catches the full attention of the enemy. Perhaps you will find yourself fighting with your spouse during this time. Perhaps you will find more drama at church. Perhaps you will find it more difficult to not worry about work related problems. TAKE HEART. I’m praying for you during this time. If we just sat back and did nothing as a church, the enemy would have little need to attack. But you are a part of a move of God that began a little over a year ago. Onward and upward!
Love you,
All 168