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With a name like Dusty, you might get the idea that I'm a cowboy. The Truth is that you are more likely to see my wife on a horse than me. Still, I'm a southern boy at heart that grew up just north of Atlanta.

As I was earning my bachelors degree in Christian ministry, I fell in love with a girl named Shanna. We first met in a romantic setting straight out of a fairytale - a grocery store. I first asked her on a date while we were throwing away trash. I know... you don't have to tell me how suave I am. We embodied the whole "broke and in-love" lifestyle through college and later during my seminary work.

Today we are blessed with four wonderful children. Their names are Bria, Shaylee, Judah, and Evie. I am also blessed to serve as the senior pastor of Cudd Memorial Baptist Church in Spartanburg, SC.

Bet you didn't know this about me...
* Hiyah, I used to take Shotokan karate as a child. I made it to brown belt before I had to choose between karate and basketball because of time constraints.

* During a Chattanooga Lookouts game (a minor league baseball team), I once prayed for the batter to hit a foul ball towards me, which happened on the next pitch. I tried to catch the incoming ball with my hat, but the ball just knocked my hat backwards and disappeared behind me.

* I once climbed to the top of a water tower while on a mission trip to Honduras. After you have made it to the top, it's pretty scary sliding backwards on your belly in pitch darkness, hoping that your feet find the top of the ladder.